Latin: An Intensive Course

I hate to admit but I have a bit of a love affair with my Latin: An Intensive Course by Moreland and Fleischer.

After some review I always seem to return to this book to refresh my basic knowledge of Latin. There are obviously many options available, both free and for purchase. In deciding on this text I considered two main points.

Firstly, as my goal is to get back to reading original Latin and as I have already gone through a few years of study and at one time was reading original texts, I am not as concerned with text that insists on original texts or a review Latin literature. Rather, I am chiefly interested in a book that accommodates speed and a rapid review of grammar and syntax.

Secondly, I have time and previous knowledge of Latin so an intensive approach, and one that includes difficult concepts and review throughout, seems appropriate.

Additionally, since the book is intended for a course that can be complete in ten weeks -- 4-6 weeks for the book and an additional 4 of primary text -- I typically adopt a similarly aggressive time line.

Outline of Study

  • March 31-April 1: Preface and Introduction, get materials, etc.
  • April 4-8: Units 1-4
  • 1-4 Review on Weekend
  • April 11-15: Units 5-8, Catullus 13
  • 5-8 Review on Weekend
  • April 18-22: Units 9-12, Catullus 51, 9, 12
  • 9-12 Review on Weekend
  • April 24-29: Units 13-18, Catullus 41 and 43, 42, 5 and 7, 101, 8, 11
  • April 30: Final Review

Additional Texts

A Student's Catullus, Daniel H.Garrison

Lingua Latina, Hans H. Orberg

Online Resources

Latin Proverbs (For Chapters 1-16):

Latin and Greek Study Groups